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Kalimba with calabash package
Includes 1 Medium Kalimba + 1 Small Kalimba Calabash / Gourd / Deze
– Medium Kalimba fully tuned, handmade and ready to play. Choose from tuning F major, G major or A major. View medium kalimba product page
– Small black calabash / deze made of strong and durable fiberglass. Use as a resonator to amplify the kalimba sound. Outside dimensions 30 x 30 cm. Inside opening 25-26 cm wide. This small fiberglass calabash is sturdy and ideal for traveling and heavy duty usage. A stick is included that can be used to hold the kalimba in the calabash, which is the traditional method to keep a mbira in the calabash. On the fiberglass gourd are bottle tops which function as buzzers. They are attached with metal wire and removable. You can choose between silver or gold colour buzzers or no buzzer. View kalimba calabash product page

We also have a kalimba + wooden soundbox resonator package available view here.

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm
Tuning / Key Options

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Calabash Colour


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