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The Kambira is a small thumb piano handmade by Dingiswayo Juma. Kambira means “little/small voice” in Shona, language of the Shona people from Zimbabwe. The kambira has got a small lightweight wooden soundboard with less keys, yet it is made with the same quality material and sound as the larger Juma Instruments.

Kambira – African Lamellophone Thumb Piano – Tuned in G. Dimensions 15 x 12cm. Professional handmade instrument made of hard wood and metal.

This instrument can be played by adults and children from age 6. Playing music is beneficial to children’s learning abilities, their emotional stability, finger coordination and listening skills. The kambirais an accessible and easy to play instrument that encourages children’s musicality and stimulates their musical ear.

Tuning G mixolydian (with F instead of F#). So this Kambira in G can be played with instruments in C major:

Kambira G 8 keys

We can make different types of kambira and custom tunings on request.

Kambira key tuning lay out

Weight 1 kg

Tuning / Key Options




1 review for Kambira in G tuning – 8 note kalimba

  1. m

    milton whittle

    i’m so happy i found this website. i found it after i had already bought a bunch of other Kalimbas (those thin key “Hugh Tracy” styled ones). & i started knowing more and more, they were not what i really wanted. I listened to the Shona people’s Mbira music when i was in college, and i wanted that sound.. that’s what i was hearing in my head.

    So, i came on here and saw all the beautiful Mbiras and placed an order, and then saw on the Contact tab that you could connect on Whatsapp, so that’s what i did.. & got connected with brother Dingiswayo Juma who makes these instruments.. and he’s the most helpful dope person. He sent me videos and sound clips that helped me know exactly what to get. & i switched my order. i wound up buying 2. An F Bass Kalimba i noticed on a YouTube video.. and this 8 Key Kalimba. They were delivered quickly. i love them both, especially the F Bass which was exactly what i was looking for, but could not find nowhere else. Again, i would like to thank Dingiswayo for all his help, assistance, and great work. There is one more that i want to get.. so, get ready… lol. Peace

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