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Calabash / Gourd / Deze made of fiberglass — Resonator to use for mbira / kalimba / nyunga nyunga amplification
Large size Diameter 40cm = 16″ ;; Height approximately 18cm
Large fiberglass calabash gourd/deze made of strong and durable fiberglass. To use for amplification of mbira and (large) kalimba/nyunga nyunga instruments. This fiberglass calabash is ideal for traveling and heavy duty usage. It is a good alternative to the traditional natural gourd/calabashes and not as fragile.
Fibreglass gourd only, mbira instrument and stick are not included.
A stick is used to hold the mbira/kalimba in the calabash (see the third picture). It can be a stick from wood or bamboo. Any strong straight stick from the tree will work. The fiberglass gourd has bottle tops which function as buzzers. They are attached with a metal wire and removable.
Also available in brown yellow view here.
Weight 1,6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 45 cm





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