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This 19-key kalimba + large fiberglass calabash package includes:

1 x Kalimba with 19 keys in F, G or A major tuning. Same layout as the kalimba / nyunga nyunga with 15 keys + 4 extra keys). Handcrafted professional kalimba that is solidly built of quality wood and metal. Made by instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma from Zimbabwe. Size approximately height 19,5 x weight 17cm. The kalimba comes with a colourful padded bag. View the product page here

Tuning of 19-key kalimba nyunga nyunga thumb piano in F major

1 x Fiberglass calabash/deze – Resonator made of strong and durable fibreglass, this gourd is ideal for travelling and heavy duty usage. It is a good alternative for the traditional natural gourd/calabashes and not as fragile. The calabash is in black or brown colour availability depending on stock. View the product page here

De kalimba is not attached to the calabash and the calabash can therefor be used for multiple instruments. A stick is used to hold the mbira/kalimba in the gourd, usually a straight stick from wood or bamboo. On the fiberglass calabash are bottle tops which function as buzzers. They are attached with metal wire and can be removed if you prefer to have less buzz.

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 45 cm



Calabash Colour


Tuning / Key Options

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