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Package 15-key Kalimba and book Learn to play Kalimba

Solid and easy to play 15-key kalimba / nyunga nyunga in G major, size 17cm x width 15cm. This kalimba in G medium is suitable for starting and professional players. Handmade by Zimbabwean instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma. The kalimba in G medium comes with a protective padded bag.

Learn to play African kalimba (nyunga nyunga) Link to book in shop

Available in English or Dutch language version (choose from option)

Juma Instruments. Learn to play Kalimba (Nyunga Nyunga). An introduction to Zimbabwean songs and rhythms.

Back cover description:

“Explore the soothing sounds and exciting rhythms of the kalimba.”

Learn to play Kalimba is an introduction to the maintenance, construction, tuning and playing of the 15-key African lamellophone Kalimba / Nyunga Nyunga.

Zimbabwean instrument maker and player Dingiswayo Juma shares with you his knowledge of this ancient instrument.

The book teaches the basic patterns and lyrics of four Zimbabwean songs. You can learn the songs on a major tuned kalimba. Included is an audio CD with the songs played on kalimbas in G major.


I. Introduction to the Kalimba/Nyunga Nyunga


II. Construction of the Kalimba


III. Maintenance and tuning of the Kalimba


IV. Tuning diagrams


V. How to read the number notation


VI. Learning the songs with the audio CD


Kalimba Songs (CD number)
Basic Kalimba chords (3)


Ndazove Rombe (4)


Chikende (5)


Bhutsu Mutandarikwa (6)


Chemutengure (7)


Weight 1.2 kg



Tuning / Key Options

Kalimba Book Language

Learn to play Kalimba Book (English), Kalimba leren spelen Boek (Dutch)


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kalimba and book Package Kalimba and book Learn...


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