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Order now with the Learn to play Kalimba book (featuring G major kalimba).

Kalimba – African Lamellophone Nyunga Nyunga Thumb Piano. Estimate size height 17 x width 16cm. Suitable for professional and leisure playing. This large kalimba is suitable for longer playing also comfortable for players with bigger hands. Quality handmade product by mbira maker Dingiswayo Juma from Zimbabwe. Comes with a free handmade padded protective bag in African colours.

G major tuning lay out:

G major Kalimba lay out

For more tuning layouts check our page: How to tune

Weight 1,1 kg

Tuning / Key Options

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2 reviews for Large African Kalimba in major key G, F or F-sharp

  1. D

    David Stellner

    One of the most beautiful instruments I have ever had the honor of playing!
    I ordered from this site because I felt like a direct contact to the maker is important. I sometimes even go to the workshop where my instruments are built. But this time it was not possible to travel so I thought I’d try ordering one. The customer support was heartwarmingly casual and I even got a lovely message from Dingi himself after sending him an improvisation I recorded.
    Back to the Instrument: if you are thinking of getting a Kalimba, Mbira etc, you have found a great builder full of passion. And I definitely recommend just ordering it right now :D.
    When it arrived I played around and believe me i was just flabbergasted! On the second day I added one more key (sorry, next time I’ll just get the bigger one) the next day I added one more. And now I got 19 keys on it and tuned them all. I do not recommend adding or changing anything on the instrument. I have worked with instruments for all my live and was just missing some notes that I heard in my head so I acted quickly before the melody was gone. Please don’t try it at home! 🙂
    The very deep bass notes I added sound like a pizzicato chello. And every single key has a variety of sounds you can get out. And it’s nice to bring along basically everywhere. I sat with it in my hands the whole Christmas Day this year and cheered people up with it.
    It feels like every day with this thing brings more varieties in how I play and how it acts on different surfaces. I installed a piezzo into a wooden box and I can put the Kalimba on it and create tremolo sounds I have never dreamed of on the guitar or piano before.
    I’ve listend to a lot of traditional playing as well and I do think that you will be very satisfied if you get one of Dingiswayo Jumas ones. I did not get a resonator because I live tiny as People say now and have a lot of instruments and wanted to save some space. But when I buy my next one I might think of making some room for it. So please do think about that too. I try working with resonators I already have like cases for other instruments etc and that sounds very beautiful too. But for a more traditional sound of course…go traditional 🙂
    Speaking of cases: wonderful bag comes with it. You open the Package and won’t stop smiling. I promise!

    I could go on for hours about how amazing this Kalimba is. And I have spent way more money on other things that didn’t make me happy for so long.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I guess I’ll have to go to Zimbabwe soon to hear more of it.


  2. Iva Goldsmith

    This mbira is absolutely stunning, and came with a beautiful padded bag.
    I love that I could get it in F sharp, so that I can play along with Chiwoniso Maraire. Love, love, love.
    Thank you, Dingiswayo, for making this lovely instrument. I’ll enjoy it for many, many years.

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