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Save with this Full Starter Course for the Kalimba giving you access to 15 hours of kalimba tutorials, songs, learning materials and 24/7 access our online forum and learning platform.

Online kalimba course for starters and intermediate players. Learn how to play the kalimba, the tuning, maintenance and songs. Ensemble playing and singing is also featured in this unique course taught by Zimbabwean mbira and kalimba maker and player Dingiswayo Juma.


Learn to play the song Kukaiwa on the mbira. Easy beginner version by Dingiswayo Juma.

Tutorial how to play an easy version of the song ‘Kukaiwa’ on the mbira. Played by Dingiswayo Juma. Can be played on the major tuned Zimbabwean mbira dza vadzimu, also called nyamaropa tuning.



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