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Kalimba 19 toetsen Groot gestemd in Majeur - Duimpiano Afrikaanse Nyunga nyunga - Bruin hout

Kalimba met 19 toetsen gestemd in F, G of A majeur. Afrikaanse Nyunga Nyunga duimpiano. Gelijkaardig aan de 15 toetsen Kalimba met 4 extra metalen toetsen. Handgemaakt stevig en volledig gestemd instrument door de Zimbabwaanse instrumentenmaker Dingiswayo Juma.

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Kalimba met 19 toetsen. In F, G of A gestemd. Met 4 extra noten om melodieën aan je muziek toe te voegen. Afmetingen hoogte 19,5 x breedte 17cm. Gemaakt van hout en metaal van hoge kwaliteit. 100% met de hand gemaakt.

Er zijn Kalimba’s met 19 toetsen in drie houtsoorten: bruin (mahonie), rood (padoek) en licht (esdoorn). Alle stemmingen zijn mogelijk bij de verschillende houtsoorten. Rode padoek en lichte esdoorn zijn duurdere houtsoorten.

Bestel nu samen met het Learn to play Kalimba book en ontvang 50% korting op de prijs van het boek! Gebruik de kortingscode KALIMBABOOK50. Stemming in G majeur is aan te raden. De nummers op de CD van het kalimba boek worden gespeeld op kalimba’s die in G majeur gestemd zijn.

  • Hoogte 19,5 cm
  • Breedte 17 cm
  • Verzendgewicht 1.1 kg

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    About Juma Instruments

    Juma Instruments are made by Zimbabwean instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma (About the maker). They are quality and solid instruments that can last you a lifetime! Every metal key is hammered by hand and tuned with a tuner to ensure it is in pitch and can be played with other instruments. The soundboard is made of quality hard wood and artistically crafted into shape. Every Juma Instrument is handmade and not one piece of wood and metal will look 100% the same. It is an instrument and artwork with a unique character and feel.

    About the Kalimba / Nyunga nyunga
    Kalimba instruments are thumb pianos classified as African lamellophones. The 15-key kalimba that we are making at Juma Instruments originates from African tribes living in the countries Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Kalimba is only one of the names used for this instrument, Nyunga nyunga, Nyonga nyonga and Karimba are several language varieties that refer to this 15-key African instrument. Karimba translates to “little wooden xylophone” and Nyunga nyunga translates to “something little that causes fun trouble”. The 15-key kalimba is usually tuned in a major key, but you can also get minor and custom variations. For players wanting more keys to play we have the 19-key kalimba. We can make different types of kalimba and custom tunings on request... Read more about Kalimba

    About the Mbira
    22 to 24-key mbira instruments are African lamellophones. The mbira originates from the Shona people from Zimbabwe. The Shona people consist of several tribes and population groups such as the Zezuru, Kore’kore, Ndao who have their own dialects and also mbira variations. Differences can be found in variations of tuning, layout and playing style of the mbira. The traditional name for the 22-key mbira that we are making at Juma Instruments is mbira dza Vadzimu. This type of mbira originates from the Zezuru tribe and mbira dza Vadzimu means ‘Voice of the ancestors’. At Kalimba Shop we feature two types of mbira dza Vadzimu, the Nyamaropa mbira dza vadzimu, tuned in major with mixolydian scale (flat 7th) and the Mavembe mbira dza vadzimu, tuned in a minor key. We can make different types of mbira and custom tunings on request...Read more about Mbira dza Vadzimu

    If you have any questions about the above information or would like to request a custom tuning instrument contact us via the contact form or email: info@kalimbashop.com

Philip S

19 Key Nyunga Nyunga in G

Lovely, lovely instrument. Has so much more soul and magic than kalimbas you can buy in an average music shop, which are perfectly in tune, but don't sound african at all. Jumas Kalimbas have the original sound I've been looking for for years. Thank You!

Hendrik Brueck

Katsanzaira Mbira

I ordered a custom tuned mbira and I must say the support is fantastic. He made the mbira and shared some clips with me before sending out. Very nice costumer support. When the mbira arrived I was shocked how good the mbira is...strong bass, perfect in tuning, very strong keys, amazing sound, one could not stop playing...I am more than satiesfied, its one of my favourite mbiras, and I have many from different mbira makers. But this one is outstanding, unbelievable striking sound...thanks you so much, Dingiswayo!

helen j

19 key nyunga nyunga

Lovely, chunky sweet sounding kalimba - really enjoying playing it - mesmerising. Posting to England no problem with padded bag included. Many thanks.

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