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"Yesterday I received the kalimba and I'm delighted with it. It's perfect in sound, tuning and measure and not only a fine instrument, but also a masterpiece of traditional artwork - both elegant and sturdy. Congratulations to Dingiswayo (I lìke the nice signature he had left on the instrument) for his work and many thanks to you for making it possible and the smooth service. I will recommend Juma Instruments to my friends and other musicians." (September 2016, custom kalimba order)
Roland Gerard, Germany Visit his YouTube Channel

"The three nyunga nyungas have arrived and they are wonderful! And the bags are absolutely beautiful. I’m trying to convince my friend to be slightly less enthusiastic because his thumbs are bleeding and he still refuses to put the bass down. We’ve begun sharing with university students and community musicians as well - they really draw people in and help them to feel less intimidated about music making. Thank you so much!" (March 2018, three kalimbas in F major for community project)
Erin Windibank, Canada

"Received the mbira! Thanks again!" (15 October 2015, custom mbira order)
GJ. Vad

Hendrik Brueck

Katsanzaira Mbira

I ordered a custom tuned mbira and I must say the support is fantastic. He made the mbira and shared some clips with me before sending out. Very nice costumer support. When the mbira arrived I was shocked how good the mbira is...strong bass, perfect in tuning, very strong keys, amazing sound, one could not stop playing...I am more than satiesfied, its one of my favourite mbiras, and I have many from different mbira makers. But this one is outstanding, unbelievable striking sound...thanks you so much, Dingiswayo!

Kalimba F major

Lovely sound, solid build

I've fall in love with my cute little Kalimba! 
It sounds really nice, the size is perfect to take it everywhere and it 's sturdy and solid.
In addition it comes with a padded bag.

Kalimba Small in B - Dark


Love it again

This is my second Kalimba by Dingiswayo and love it again. A fresh sound and a more up beat key, love the subtle difference in playing the tunes from the Learn Kalimba book compared to my c major. Thank you once again Charlotte and Dingiswayo for the speedy deliver and all you help. Brilliant

Kalimba Small in C Tuning - Tall Version


Tall C tuning Kalimba

Wow wow wow, is what I keep saying. Just received my Kalimba and wow, what a beautifully crafted instrument, there is so much care and attention and passion gone into crafting this, it radiates beauty. I am so very glad that I chose to get my instrument from you. Well worth it, it is alive with joy. Love it and the beautiful bag to protect it., fabulous thank you

Rod Jacobs

Kalimba Review

Really enjoy the Nyunga Nyunga. A very nice handmade musical instrument. Juma Drums was also very helpful in answering my questions (I had quite a few). The bag that comes with it was also a lot nicer than I was anticipating. I'm looking forward to learning to play this instrument and I'm already thinking about purchasing a larger sized Mbira from Juma Drums as well. Over all a very pleasant experience. : )

Kalimba 19 key Large in F major / G major Tuning - Thumb piano African Nyunga nyunga - Brown Wood
helen j

19 key nyunga nyunga

Lovely, chunky sweet sounding kalimba - really enjoying playing it - mesmerising. Posting to England no problem with padded bag included. Many thanks.

Ardree Daniels

19 Key Kalimba Red Wood

I special ordered a 19 Key Kalimba in the Red Wood in a G Major. Even though it cost more it was well worth it. You can tell the quality of it by the weight and the craftsmanship of the instrument is second to none. The keys are well tuned and plays beautiful giving out a sweet peaceful melody.

Juha R

Kalimba 19 keys in F

This is a second Kalimba I bought from Dingiswayo and it sounds like an Angel. Very good work, keys are soft and the sound is strong. You can feel the heart beating of Mama Africa when playing.
Juha Rikka
Helsinki, Finland

Mbira Tuned in G - Small size - Mbira dza Vadzimu - Brown wood



From initial contact with KALIMBAshop to holding this gorgeous instrument in my hands: i'm full of praise. - very good and nice communication, - quick delivery, - no detour via custom office, - instrument arrives carefully packed and perfectly tuned. Metal and wood feel lovely, tone is clear, sustain is tempered (not too rich – just as i hoped for) and fuzz can be accentuated by the way playing. As a beginner, I appreciate the smaller size. 
Thank you, Dingiswayo and Charlotte!

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