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About us

We are dedicated to making and providing handmade quality instruments for music players all around the world.

Profile Juma Instruments TeamThe African lamellophones Kalimba/Nyunga nyunga and Mbira are ancient traditional African instruments and have been played for centuries across different African countries. ALL instruments on our website are handmade by us with a lot of passion. We started KalimbaShop in 2013 so we can reach out to you and other people interested in kalimba & mbira instruments and music wherever you are on the planet. 

Meet the KalimbaShop team - Charlotte & Dingiswayo

Dingiswayo Juma - Instrument builder, maker and designer. Also a performer, teacher, facilitator and professional mbira and kalimba player. He has 20+ years of instrument making experience and you can find him making instruments, teaching, performing or playing mbira, kalimba and djembe. Dingiswayo teaches individuals and groups from beginner to advanced level how to play the kalimba, mbira, djembe, mbirimba, body percussion, African dance and song. Skype lessons also available here. For more about music instrument making and his story check out the Hakili Instruments website.

Charlotte van der Post - Instrument bag maker and customer service. Also a songwriter, music performer and teacher. You can find her playing the bass drum, djembe, kalimba, piano, guitar, timpani or percussionShe has performed with various ensembles, orchestras, bands and performs and provides piano accompaniment for choirs, singers, and instrumentalists. Check out some of her music here.

Juma Instruments are

- 100% handcrafted and each instrument is unique

- fully tuned (440hz) and solidly build

- made of selected quality natural materials

- can be played with other instruments (marimba, guitar, piano etc.)

- professional traditional African thumb pianos

- suitable for studio recording and stage performance

Kalimba Shop is part of the company Juma Drums, African music services and instrument providers.

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Juma Drums

We provide African drumming, mbira, kalimba and dance workshops and performances.

For more info visit our website

Services that Juma Drums offers:

- Interactive Drumming workshops for corporate team-building, private functions and public events

- Djembe drums sales

- Drum Repair: Skin drum repair and customization services for djembe, ngoma and various other drums.

- African instrument lessons in mbira, kalimba, djembe and bass drum

Testimonials & Reviews

"Yesterday I received the kalimba and I'm delighted with it. It's perfect in sound, tuning and measure and not only a fine instrument, but also a masterpiece of traditional artwork - both elegant and sturdy. Congratulations to Dingiswayo (I lìke the nice signature he had left on the instrument) for his work and many thanks to you for making it possible and the smooth service. I will recommend Juma Instruments to my friends and other musicians." - Roland Gerard, September 2016

"I special ordered a 19 Key Kalimba in the Red Wood in a G Major. Even though it cost more it was well worth it. You can tell the quality of it by the weight and the craftsmanship of the instrument is second to none. The keys are well tuned and plays beautiful giving out a sweet peaceful melody." Ardree Daniels, August 2016

"From initial contact with KALIMBAshop to holding this gorgeous instrument in my hands: i'm full of praise. - very good and nice communication, - quick delivery, - no detour via custom office, - instrument arrives carefully packed and perfectly tuned. Metal and wood feel lovely, tone is clear, sustain is tempered (not too rich – just as i hoped for) and fuzz can be accentuated by the way playing. As a beginner, I appreciate the smaller size. 
Thank you, Dingiswayo and Charlotte!" - Martina, August 2016

"Very nice! Wonderful deze. AAA+++" - Xinjiaman, March 2016

"Thank you" - Tangdai, March 2016

“Wonderful mbira, god bless you!!” - Deazofr (3), May 2015

Received the mbira! Thanks again! - GJ. Vad, October 2015

“Great instrument arrived quickly. Thank you!” - Bolatski (512), June 2015

“Today I received this kalimba. Very nice sound. I like it very much. Thank you!” - Flowerground2002, April 2015

“I have received my mbira in D major this morning. It’s beautiful, thank you.” - ZelitoDeliron, July 2015

“Thank you; nice nyunganyunga!” - Tangdai (953), February 2015

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We at Kalimbashop are dedicated to making and selling quality African lamellophones. All instruments and bags are handmade with love and care.... Read More

Kalimbashop is part of the musical company Juma Drums. More info about our drumming workshops, team building drumming, performance services and drum repair & sales visit the Juma Drums Website