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Intro: What is a kalimba

History and description of the 15-key kalimba, also called nyunganyunga.

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Mbira dza vadzimu in G tuning

Intro: What is a mbira

History and description of the 22-key Zimbabwean mbira dzavadzimu.

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Mbira B-flat

Hoe Onderhoud Ik Mijn Kalimba Of Mbira?

Hoe zorg je voor je kalimba of mbira instrument.

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Kalimba G major outline

Hoe Stem Ik Mijn Kalimba Of Mbira? (met video)

Stem jouw kalimba/mbira of zet losse toetsen weer vast.

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Kalimba C major Kalimba Chords

Basic kalimba chords

Learn to play the basic chords on the kalimba

Kalimba book preview.

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Mbira in Calabash

Traditional Zimbabwean Mbira Ceremony Called "Bira"

Description of traditional 'bira' ceremony where the mbira

plays an important role.

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