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Calabash / Deze

  • Mbira calabash

Strong fibreglass gourds suitable for heavy duty usage to use for amplification of mbira and kalimba/nyunga nyunga instruments. 

Large fibreglass gourd/deze made of strong and durable fibreglass. To use for amplification of mbira and kalimba/nyunga nyunga instruments. This fibreglass calabash/gourd is ideal for travelling and heavy duty usage. It is a good alternative for the traditional natural gourd/calabashes and not as fragile.
Fibreglass gourd only, mbira instrument and stick are not included.
A stick is used to hold the mbira/kalimba in the calabash (see third picture). It can be a stick from wood or bamboo. Any strong straight stick from the tree will work. On the fibreglass gourd are bottle tops which function as buzzers. They are attached with metal wire and removeable.
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