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Chromatic Instruments

  • Custom and chromatic kalimba

We offer different types of chromatic, traditional and customized instruments in different tunings, sizes and number of keys. Chromatic kalimba and Chromatic mbira instruments are tuned in Western tuning with the full scale including flats and sharps, like on a piano. We also have diatonic instruments made with one Major or Mixolydian scale, like the Kambira.

Juma Instruments are made by Zimbabwean instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma. They are quality and solid instruments that can last you a lifetime. Every metal kalimba key is hammered by hand and tuned with a tuner to ensure they are in pitch and can be played with other instruments. The soundboard is made of quality hardwood and artistically crafted into shape.

For more information about our chromatic kalimbas for sale visit Dingiswayo Juma's Hakili Instruments | Chromatic Kalimba.

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