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Kalimba / Mbira Bags

  • Kalimba and Mbira bags

Foam padded bags made with colourful cotton fabrics for the transporting and carrying of all sizes kalimba and mbira. The bags protect your instrument from damages, the sun and wetness. They are not fully waterproof.

Kalimba and mbira instruments can get out of tune if they are bumped hard or dropped on the floor. The foam in the bags gives protective padding and helps to prevent rust and bumping the metal keys.

The string bags close by pulling the nylon string, which can be used as a handle to carry the bag with the instrument. The bags with handle allow for comfort while carrying bigger and heavier instruments.

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We at Kalimbashop are dedicated to making and selling quality African lamellophones. All instruments and bags are handmade with love and care.... Read More

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