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Advanced Players

  • Mbira and kalimba instruments

Are you a player and have you fallen in love with the kalimba or mbira? Maybe you want to play an advance type instrument, for longer hours, more keys or you want to play a custom or different tuning. Here at Kalimba Shop we offer a variety of advanced and custom tuning kalimba and mbira instruments for every musician and players taste and interest. All instruments are handmade and crafted by Dingiswayo Juma, tuned to perfection and professional, solid instruments that last you a lifetime (and beyond!). Are you looking for something custom made that is not directly available in our catalog? Contact us and we can discuss the options.

For more instrument advice and tips check out our 'info' section:

- How to tune your kalimba or mbira Juma Instrument

Traditional Zimbabwean mbira ceremony called 'Bira' 

Buyer's Guide: How to choose which Juma Instruments suits you

Do you want to go a bit deeper into the rhythm and sound of the kalimba or the mbira? You can get a private lesson from the master and instrument maker Dingiswayo Juma himself. The 1 hour one-on-one skype lesson is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

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